How Long Can I Stay Logged Into Webmail

For security reasons Vazoom imposes restrictions on the amount of time our customers can stay logged into their webmail.  The maximum time a user can stay logged into webmail regardless of activity or inactivity is 200 minutes (Just under 3 1/2 hours).


There is an inactivity limit of 75 minutes to any message currently in the process of being composed.  If you hit SEND after the 75 minutes, your message will not be sent, however will be automatically placed into the Draft folder prior to your entire webmail session being expired.


There is a limit of 1 hour for webmail usage which is not being used.  An example of this activity would be logging into your webmail and not clicking on any emails, or folders etc...

Article ID: 7, Created On: 9/30/2010, Modified: 9/30/2010

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