How Can I Make My Blackberry Operate With my Vazoom Hosted Email Service?

Your Vazoom hosted email will definitely work with Blackberry, Apple,  and Android based devices.   There are already many customers currently utilizing the power of these devices to manage their email while away from the desk or on the road.  You should view the article link below in order to find out some of the particular settings required during the setup process.

There are primarily 3 items you need to know during the setup process.  They include the Mail Server Information, Username (This is always your full email address e.g., and Password.

If you have a Blackberry, you can configure an email account from the device itself or your carrier's Blackberry portal.

   Sprint/Nextel -

   T-Mobile - (Under Communications Tools At Bottom)

   Verizon -

   Telus -

   Rogers -


During the process of adding an email account to your Blackberry device, you must supply an incorrect email address and password so that you are prompted with an option allowing you to enter specific system information.  Enter in a fake email address and password.  Doing so will display a new option on the following screen after you continue.

The screen should have the option I WILL PROVIDE THE SETTINGS TO ADD THIS EMAIL ACCOUNT.   Continue

The next screen may ask whether this is your personal or work email.  You can select that this is your personal email.  Continue.

Supply your Username and E-mail Address (These are identical), Full Name, Password and Email Server which is and select continue.

This should complete the setup process for your Blackberry and Vazoom email account.  Your Blackberry will use the IMAP protocol to keep your mailbox in synch with the device.

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