What is the SPAM folder in my Email Account for?

All user accounts within the Vazoom webmail system have a designated SPAM folder.  This folder is intended to sort all junk tagged emails into one convenient place.  Each day we receive countless junk related messages targeting our customers.  Our servers are programmed to analyze and determine whether or not each email should be tagged legitimate or junk.  Messages marked as junk are placed into the SPAM folder with a subject line similar to:


[***SPAM*** Score/Req: 13.4/7.0] Canadian meds shop with mastercard and visa


While we try our best to avoid our customer from receiving SPAM, there are times when such messages make there way into your inbox.  There could also be times that legitimate message are inadvertently placed into the SPAM folder.  If you are expecting an email and haven't received it, we suggest you look in this folder first.  If you still have difficulty receiving a particular email feel free to open a support ticket with us by filling out the contact form on our website at http://www.vazoom.com/contact.php


Messages in the SPAM folder are purged regularly

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